• Administrative Ease
  • Better Control & Communication
  • Customer Care
  • Regular Interaction and Research
  • Trained & Uniformed Manpower
  • Qualified Personnel
  • Lower Costs

Administrative Ease – Working with KNSSSPL Security would reduce the administrative burden, with bulk of the tasks being carried out by us. THE CLIENT would have fewer staff to interact with and less inspections to conduct to take up it's time. Carefully vetted and chosen officers & supervisors would monitor the performance and standards of all functionaries. There will only be one cheque to be paid to us at the end of the month. The disbursement of staff salary and benefits being our responsibility, all payroll related records, statutory requirements etc. would be maintained by us, thus leaving THE CLIENT with less paperwork to handle and reports to prepare. A compliance document would be produced every month.

Better Control & Communication - In large complexes locating specific persons is usually difficult. Here, key personnel are issued with walkie talkies or cell phones which allows them to be accessible at all times. This will result in better control and supervision. A constant flow of information and reporting will ensure a superior standard of performance. Enhanced means of communication will also allow the supervisor to be alert to situations, enabling them to respond quickly with remedial measures.

Customer Care - Service providers are trained not only on all aspects of job knowledge and performance standards, but also in customer care. They are attuned to the special requirements of customers. Our behavioural and attitude training programmes known as LIKEABLE CUSTOMER SERVICE emphasise the importance of immediate, courteous and individual attention to customers. Regular Interaction and Research- In today's fast moving world technology, systems are constantly changing. KNSSSPL the need to be in constant touch with the changing trends and keep itself updated with the latest technology. Our research team is committed to a constant search for innovation and improvement. Trials of new systems, methods, equipment and training are an ongoing process, with our clients being the main beneficiaries.

Trained & Uniformed Manpower - All staff undergo a full-fledged training on the correct usage of equipment and systems thereby increasing efficiency and capabilities. All guards are easily identifiable, with attractive uniforms and adhere to established performance standards. In case you would prefer a special set of uniforms the same can be provided at an affordable cost.

DUTIES & RESPONSIBILITIES: Our security personnel will be responsible to ensure the security of the installations/premises. Other features encompass the following: - (a) To keep liaison with the Police/Local authorities with a view to get timely help in the case of emergency. (b) To advise the Management on such system as may be deemed necessary to carry out security activities. (c) To keep utmost vigilance of the units round the clock and ensure Security of personnel, material and property. (d) Checking of all incoming and out going material and keeping proper records thereof to check pilferage/malpractice. (e) To exercise access controls and ensure that no unauthorized person enters the premises and also maintain record of all visitors. (f) Maintaining proper order & discipline in the unit area. (g) Duty allocation to watch and ward staff. (h) To carry out any other task allocated by Management in the interest of the security of the premises/installation concerned. Our personnel are forbidden to become members of any Trade Union.

ADDITIONAL SERVICES (a) Any additional workforce required at the time of Labour unrest/strike can be provided by us at short notice. (b) Handheld Metal Detectors can be provided for frisking of workers to act as a deterrent against involving themselves in any undesirable activities e.g. theft, pilferage's etc.

We offer highly competitive rates in keeping with Minimum Wages Act announced by State Administration from time to time Details of our rates are attached.

We do look forward to an opportunity to serve you. Assuring you of our best services at all times.